15 course folding theorbo by Klaus Jacobsen (2000)

May 23, 2023

For Sale

I’m selling a gorgeous 15 course folding theorbo made by Klaus Jacobsen after Buechenberger in 2000. These folding instruments by Klaus are rarely available (especially in the United States) and in high demand by traveling musicians.

The string length is 80/150cm and is currently strung with synthetic strings mostly in nylgut. It works well at 392, 415, and 440hz. The theorbo and its custom Kingham case were converted to be foldable by Klaus in 2018.  I’m selling it because I want to buy a bigger theorbo.

This instrument has been seen by millions on my YouTube channel and also in several videos with Rob Scallon. You can hear many recordings of the instrument in both a solo and continuo setting in this PLAYLIST.

I’ve used it for professional solo recitals and touring extensively in the U.S. playing continuo with groups such as the Joffrey Ballet, The Newberry Consort, Music of the Baroque, and many more. The instrument fits easily into a plane seat and has a wonderfully warm, clear timbre with good projection.

Klaus examined the instrument in 2018 to see if it needed any repairs and determined it was in excellent condition. He added that the “pegs turn very well” and “the action is good for strong continuo playing.” A very small crack on the soundboard was professionally repaired in 2020 and is now completely stable and does not affect the sound.

For more photos, click HERE

Price: $9,500

This is the price I paid for the instrument + the cost of converting it to be foldable + the cost of bringing it from London to the US.

USD 9,500
Chicago, Illinois, United States
CONTACT BrandonAckerGuitar@gmail.com