14 (or 15) huge Theorbo by Lauri Niskanen, 2020, 87cm+174cm diapasons. comes with a hard shell case.

August 17, 2020

For Sale

This theorbo has purple heart ribs and a beautiful Schelle rosette. It sounds as huge and woody as it is.
At the moment it is tuned to G 415hz and sounds beautiful.
It is perfect, with no dents or scratches at all. I ordered it back in the end of 2018 and got it in 2020. Since the beginning of this year I got a very nice job, that unfortunately requires me to travel very often, which makes it nigh impossible for me to practice with such a not-very-portable instrument.
I’m selling it for 3750 euros, which is 500 euros less than what I paid, however I’m very much willing to do any sorts of trades, including trading it for a lute. Hit me up if you want a (big) theorbo and you have a lute from Martin Shepherd, Clive Titmuss, Lars tørressen, Jiri Cepelak, Lauri Niskanen and luthiers alike.
It’d be very easy to deliver this to you if you happened to come to Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga or anywhere in Estonia.
My name: Bruno

EUR 3,750 bank transfer, but hit me up with your offer!
CONTACT Email for contact: brurucy@protonmail.ch