14 Course Baroque Lute after J. Chr. Hoffmann by Mikhail Fedchenko 2008

December 16, 2021

For Sale

String length : 71,5 / 78,5
The bass rider is designed to carry 3 courses
Ideal for works like BWV995 where the Low G is needed
Works with all kind of stringing, at the moment strung with NYLGUT.
Very comfortable action.
The instrument comes in a hard made to measure Victor Vorko case.

Can be shipped with UPS.com from The Russian Federation or Poland.

Videos can be seen below:

Sylvius Leopold Weiss. Prelude D minor for baroque lute. Suite No. 5 Dresden Manuscript (SW 34)

Silvius Leopold Weiss. Prelude G major for baroque lute

EUR 2,700

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