13 Course swan neck baroque lute by Adrian Dodd (2022/2023)

May 24, 2024

For Sale

I’m selling my 13 course swan neck baroque lute. It was made in 2022/2023 by Adrian Dodd. I had the instrument commissioned to be a loud instrument for small ensemble performing with continuo. The instrument is wonderful for solo and small ensemble work and I wish I could keep it. Due to financial restraints and a shift in instrument focus I need to sell it. If you purchase the instrument I will provide all of the very very many details and specifications that the maker sent me. The instrument is to be strung at 415hz and it is not advisable to tune any higher. There is no damage to the instrument and it’s been kept in ideal circumstances in terms of heat/humidity.

I would prefer to to sell to local people if possible. Anyone is happy to come try it out if they like. I can be reached at liljejohansson@gmail.com.

USD 5,000
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
CONTACT liljejohansson@gmail.com