13 Course Baroque Lute with Bass Rider Extension by Andreas Von Holst

October 5, 2023

For Sale

Hello friends, a very special lute for sale:

13 COURSE Baroque lute with Bass Rider extension by Andreas Von Holst

The lute body is maple and the neck ebony veneered. Main string length is 69.5 cm, Bass rider 73.5 cm.

This Baroque lute has extra holes in the bridge so that you may have single or double courses for the bass strings.

Repair history: It was fixed once by Mel Wong because the bridge came off due to weather exposure and a small crack was fixed which was caused upon opening the lute for this repair. This repair happened the year it was made (2009) and since then it has had no problems.

The master Luthier Andreas Von Holst no longer makes instruments which makes this a very special instrument. It has a beautiful sound, very good projection and playability.  I personally own two other instruments by Andreas.

A wonderful instrument indeed!

Sold with a made to measure hard case: Kingham MTM.

Additional photos available here.

USD 5,600
San Diego, California, United States
CONTACT alexjenne(@)gmail.com