13 course baroque lute by Jason Petty

May 31, 2023

For Sale

Based on the Frei lute in the Warwick County Museum, but with a triple nut extension based on Jauck.

The lute has 14 frets and measures 72 cm (83cm and 98cm for upper nuts).

Spruce top with ash ribs.

Link to me playing. (Recorded on an iPhone): https://youtu.be/UjIPiJHpbHo

Located in Olympia, WA United States (Just South of Seattle, WA).

I thought I would play it more, but I’m not good at switching between instruments. Someone should play this amazing lute.

Kingham hard-case included.

USD 8,000
Olympia, Washington, United States
CONTACT grg.brgss@gmail.com