10 Course Renaissance Lute by Hans Jordan (1960)

July 21, 2022

For Sale

Rare 1960 Hans Jordan 10 course Renaissance Lute (Germany)

Handmade by renowned luthier Hans Jordan in Germany in 1960, this beautiful instrument is in great condition. Tuning pegs, bridge, neck are in perfect order – there are no issues other than very minor cosmetic details (see below).

10 course (21 strings)
weight with case 9 lb 10oz

I’m including a brand new set of strings and 7 graded synthetic fretgut selected specifically for this instrument by Matt at stringsbymail.com, to be strung/tied by next owner or shop of their choice. The current strings are quite old and the fretgut worn and loose, missing one tied fret. I am including stringing layout sheet provided by stringsbymail.

I am a classical guitarist who simply does not have time to incorporate the lute into my life, sadly. This is an incredible instrument.

Cosmetic issues:
a handful of very small scratches on top and back, only noticeable on very close inspection (see final photos of set)
Extremely minor separation of top at bookmatched seam at bottom, below bridge, approx. 0.2mm (0.008 in), only noticeable on very close inspection. Has not changed in years, very stable (see last photo of set).

Case has musty scent; the instrument smells fine after being out of the case for a little while. If I were keeping the instrument, I would purchase a new case. Otherwise, the case works great, though the key is missing.

I am open to meeting via Zoom for very interested buyers. I will also likely put up a video of the instrument.

Thank you for looking.

Listing on Reverb’s website here: https://rvrb.io/1960-rare-1960-han-4fpshy

USD 2,000 free shipping within USA
Granite Bay, California, United States
CONTACT Contact through the Reverb listing (see above).