10 Course Lute by Lawrence K. Brown (1987)

December 11, 2022

For Sale

10-course lute by Lawrence K. Brown, 1987,  string length of 66.5, currently strung as an F lute at A=440.  I have strung it as a G lute but it is happiest strung at F. The bowl is made of 37 shaded yew ribs with rosewood spacers.

The instrument is based on a lute by Magno Dieffopruchar, Venetia / 1609, which is currently in the Museo Civico Bardini (nr. 144) in Florence, Italy.  This instrument is currently strung in Nylgut and Savarez NF strings. It has a rather deep bowl which gives the bass a very full sound.

USD 4,000
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
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