10 Course Lute by Carel Huiskamp (1999)

August 16, 2022

For Sale

Late renaissance lute, built by Carel Huiskamp after Gerle in 1999.

Back of maple, neck and pegbox veneered with ebony. String length is 63cm, can comfortably be tuned at standard G (a=415′).

The top shows three barely visible cracks, which have all been mended by the instrument’s maker. It works and plays wonderfully and can be heard on my most recent CD “Tarot de Paris”. The only reason I’m selling this instrument is my quitting music for another profession.

Comes with custom-fitted Kingham case.

Excerpts of “Tarot de Paris”, recorded entirely on this lute, can be heard in this Video:

EUR 4,500
Freiburg, Germany or Basel, Switzerland
CONTACT lukashenning@aol.com