Deadline to apply: March 1

  • LSA scholarships include full tuition, room & board, and some travel.
  • General scholarships are open to all players aged 35 and under.
  • Scholarship applicants must be members in good standing of the LSA or must join by the time of the LuteFest or the LSA@Amherst event.
  • Students under the age of eighteen must include a letter of understanding from an authorized parent or guardian.
  • Applicants who have received scholarships in previous years will be considered after new applicants if sufficient funding is available.

The performance portion of the application must be done on lute or other fretted historical plucked string instrument (see instructions below). The application consists of the application form, the essay and the recording:

1) The Essay

Include an essay describing your past experience on lute and in early music. Please include the following points:

  • A) Please indicate whether you are applying for the LSA Online Lutefest or the LSA@Amherst.
  • B) How long you have been playing (lute and/or any other historical or modern instruments)
  • C) Your teachers’ name(s) and how long you have studied with them
  • D) Repertoire interests
  • E) Ensemble experience
  • F) Future plans with the lute

Feel free to add any other information that will help the scholarship committee form a more complete picture of your skills and learning potential.

2) The Recording

Include a live, unedited video recording of two contrasting pieces. The performances may be done on lute or another historical plucked instrument, such as theorbo, cittern, baroque guitar or 19th century guitar.

The videos must be recorded live, with a single camera. Neither high production value nor a sophisticated microphone set up or other audio processing is necessary. Raw video taken on a smart phone or laptop camera is acceptable, if not preferred. The committee is interested in hearing and seeing your playing in a way that most accurately reflects your natural performing style. The primary evaluation criteria will be in the areas of technical proficiency, musicality, and demonstrated familiarity with historical performance practice style as applicable to the particular piece being performed.

Please upload the files to YouTube and set to “unlisted” with comments disabled. Send your essay as a Word or PDF file and the links to your video performances to: 

Scholarship Committee c/o LSA President Mark Rimple at

Scholarship recipients will be announced on or around April 1.