Essays in Honor of Douglas Alton Smith, Part I
  • Douglas A Smith – Writings — compiled by Kate Benessa and Arthur J. Ness
  • The Trecento Lute — Hiroyuki Minamino
  • Golden Cloth and Black Silk: Music for “Amando e desiando” — Richard K. Falkenstein
  • Teaching for the Amicus: Sketches from the Lute Tablature D-Mbs, Mus. ms. 267 within the Context of the Rhetorical loci communes and compositio — Kateryna Schöning
  • Raucous, Penetrating? The Sound ideal of the Calichon — Pietro Prosser
  • A Musical Instrument is a Process — Klaus Martius
  • Peter Croton, A Method for the Renaissance Lute, with a Supplement for the Archlute. Le Luth Doré, Paris, 2019. — Paul Beier