• New Information on the Vihuelist Diego Pisador: His Life, Teaching, and Work — Javier Cruz Rodríguez
  • Guitar Heroes: Teaching, Learning, and Playing Guitar at the Jesuit Colleges for Nobles in Bologna and Parma, 1650-1700 — Cory M. Gavito
  • Jacques and Laurent Lucas de Saint-Luc: Brussels Lutenists and Theorbists, Father and Son — Manuel Couvreur
  • Review: Music and Instruments of the Elizabethan Age: The Eglantine Table, edited by Michael Fleming and Christopher Page — Gary Boye


In the print version and an earlier digital version of this issue, on page 67, paragraph 3, the first sentence should be corrected to say that “Laurent Lucas de Saint-Luc was born in Brussels and was baptised in the cathedral of Saints Michel et Gudule on August 10, 1669.”


We are grateful to Andreas Schlegel who provides this link to the Saint Luc Werkverzeichnis he has assembled and recently revised.