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About Your Profile

Your Profile is the section of your account that is visible to other members, or to the public, depending on your settings. When you first become an LSA member and any time you log in to the LSA website, you will automatically be redirected to your Profile. You can also find it under the Members tab in the main menu.

Editing Your Profile

Under Profile > Edit, you can edit elements of your profile that are visible to other members and to the public. These include Member Data, Professional Data, your profile image, and your cover image. Please note that apart from your name, changes made to your Profile are not reflected in your membership information, in order to protect your privacy. If you have had a change of mailing address, email address, or phone number, you will also need to edit your Contact Information.

The Profile > Edit tab of John Dowland’s LSA account.

Member Data and Professional Data

To protect your privacy, we do not use information entered during registration in the Member Directory, apart from your name. In order for your information to be visible in the Member Directory and Professional Directory, you must fill out your Profile. Under Profile > Edit, there are three sections to edit: Basic, Member Data, and Professional Data. Information entered in the Member Data section is used in the Member Directory (visible only to other active members). Information entered in the Professional Data section is used in the Professional Directory (visible to the public). Information entered in the Basic section is used in both directories.

We recommend that you leave the default privacy settings as they are, and only fill out the information you want to share. However, if you wish, you can change the privacy settings using the “Change” button below each field.

Privacy setting for a field in a user’s Profile. This field is currently visible to the public, but the “Change” button allows the user to change the privacy setting to either “Only me” or “All members”.

Profile Image and Cover Image

Under Profile > Change Profile Photo, you can change your profile photo. To upload a photo from your device, click on “Select your File” under the Upload tab. You can also take a photo with your device’s camera, under the Take Photo tab. Your profile photo may be used by other members to identify you in the Member Directory, or by potential clients in the Professional Directory, so we recommend using a picture of your face. Your cover photo can be changed in the same way, under Profile > Change Cover Image. This photo is just for decoration, so feel free to go wild and express yourself! The LSA reserves the right to remove any images that are deemed inappropriate.

John Dowland’s LSA account after changing his Profile Picture (image of a man playing a lute) and Cover Image (image of a lute manuscript).


Editing Your Contact Information

Under Membership > Info, you can view and edit the personal information associated with your LSA membership. This information is used for official LSA communications, including mailing paper copies of the Quarterly and Journal to members who have paid for them. To protect your privacy, this contact information does not automatically fill in on the Member Directory or Professional Directory, so these must be edited separately.

Renewing or Changing Your Membership

Under Membership > Subscriptions, you can view information about any memberships you have purchased with the LSA. Each time you renew or change your plan, it will show up as a separate entry. The most recent purchases will appear at the top. Your membership level can be found under “Membership,” your expiry date under “Subscription,” and your status under “Active.” To renew or change your membership, Click on “Renew,” or “Change Plan,” (in the column on the right) respectively, and follow the directions on your screen.

John Dowland’s account, showing an active 1-year Digital membership expiring March 8, 2022.

Viewing Your Transactions

Under Membership > Payments, you can see what membership payments you’ve made through the LSA website. The most recent payments will show up at the top.


Changing Your Password

You can use the form under Settings > General, to change the password you use to log in to the LSA website.

Changing Your Profile Visibility

Under Settings > Profile Visibility, you can choose who is able to view fields you choose to fill out in your Profile. These fields are used in the Member Directory and Professional Directory, and are not the same as the contact information associated with your account, which is only used for LSA communications and will not be shared with other members, or with the public. We recommend leaving these settings as they are, and only filling out the Profile fields that you wish to share in either the Member Directory or Professional Directory. These settings can also be changed when editing your profile.


If your question has not been answered on this page, please contact the Membership Director for assistance.