Cleveland Lute Fest 2022: Before You Register

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we go back, after a four year hiatus, to an in-person Lute Fest at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. There have been some unavoidable delays in getting the faculty, facilities, class content, and concert line-up set and again some delay in rolling out the registration on our LSA website. All said, we are ready to go!

Some information that you will need to go about what to expect in the pricing; Tuition for LSA members is $625, and non-members is set at $675. For this of you who wish to only attend the concert series (there will be six concerts beginning Sunday and ending Saturday) a concert package can be purchased for $150. The concert package is included in the tuition price if you are attending classes as well.

For those of you planning to stay in the dorm, housing is $450 for the week ($75 a night for six nights Sunday through Friday night). Additional days before and after Lute Fest (Saturday night June 25th and Saturday night July 2nd) can be purchased for $75 for each night if desired. An extra linens fee of $30 and a deposit of $25 for the key card will be added for those of you staying in the dorms. This deposit will be returned so long as you return the key card at the end of the week. Parking for the week is $25.

There will be the option to purchase also a meal package including Breakfast only ($55.50 for the week), Dinner only ($70.50 for the week), or both meals ($126 total) on campus at the dining hall right next to the dorms.

For those familiar with prior Lute Fests, we are staying in the Village House dorms and all classes will be in the Wade and Denison buildings which are right next to the dorms. Concerts will be in Harkness Hall. All students will also have the option of having a private lute lesson with their faculty of choice during the week of Lute Fest.

Most importantly, we will follow the COVID protocols of Case Western Reserve University and the state of Ohio to make sure everyone remains comfortable and safe while attending Lute Fest. Currently, anyone attending any event at the college needs to be prepared to show proof of vaccination upon arrival. Please regularly check the most up-to-date information as we get closer to June. We will supply a link on the LSA website for you as well.

I look forward to seeing you all back in Cleveland!

Jason Priset, Festival Director

Please note that members must be signed in to the LSA website before beginning registration in order to take advantage of the member discount.