Books for Sale – How to list your book

A Request

The For Sale list is offered here to the entire lute community, both LSA members and non-members. If you are not a member, please consider joining the LSA or making a contribution.

Appropriate books for this list

This list is for music books for lutes and related fretted stringed instruments in vogue primarily from the medieval to eras after baroque. Please ensure the items are in good condition and contents are legible.

Security and Spam Warning

The Internet can be an unfriendly place with many criminals. Please consider the following safety suggestions:

  • Use PayPal or another service that has a dispute process.
  • Don’t accept checks for more than the purchase price plus shipping.
  • Meet in a safe place if meeting in person.
  • Consider shipping insurance.
  • To minimize spam, use a special email address.
  • Consider using a cellphone or a “Google Voice” account rather than a home phone number.
  • Consider a zoom or other video connection to see each other if needed.

Here is how you add an item to the books for sale list:

  • Where to send your request – Send an email to
  • Subject line – Put “Book for sale” in the subject line. 
  • Monetary units – Please specify monetary units other than US dollars as text (pounds, euros). Or if you want to use symbols for two common ones, use “€” or “£” including the ampersand and semicolon.
  • Include location – Include city or state and country so people know where the item is shipping from. Street address is not necessary.
  • Phone number – We do not recommend including a phone number as telemarketers might add you to their lists.
  • Email address – You must include an e-mail address where potential buyers can reach you.
  • Ad text – Please send your ad in an email. Note that if you are not writing in English some of the accents can get lost in transmission.
  • Pictures – If you include a picture of the book, make sure that the image is in focus and the lighting is good.
  • Note: We will update ads as soon as we can. If your ad is not posted in a week your message may have not reached us, so send it again.
  • Check your ad – Please check your ad and alert us to any mistakes.
  • Changes to ads – If you want to change something, please send the changes, not the whole ad. If you say “change the price from 4500 to 4200” or “add a line that says …” we can quickly make the change. If we already have the pictures it is not necessary to resend them.
  • Deleting your ad – Please contact us as soon as you sell your book or if it’s no longer for sale.

For any questions not addressed here, please contact